Several months ago I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. I had surgery today! I am doing well. I am very grateful for all the love I have recieved. I have been able to remain very positive throughout this time. I attribute this to god and all of the prayers. My wonderful sisters sent me a cancer care package from the amazing company Carakit. It is packed full of items to specifically assist with the cancer recovery process, both mentaly and physically. I am loving the products. Thank you for all the love and prayers.

Lisa. K

"So, we received the carakit box yesterday - WOW!!

The attention to detail is amazing from the box with all of the positive messages to the instruction kit with all of the amazing goodies!!

My partner was blown away with the gift and so grateful for all of the thoughtful products.

I appreciate and notice the little things - the attention to the smallest of details.  Everything was just so well thought out and perfectly wrapped and placed in the box.  Very impressive!!"

Cathy, Sister Bay

"I just received a call from my Aunt who received the CaraKit Healing Essentials box that I sent her. She was so happy to receive this surprise and was blown away by each and every thoughtful item. The care of both the perfectly selected items and how beautifully they were wrapped, right down to the extra soft tooth brush. They also include a sheet that explains why the items were selected. Aunt Marge was puzzled by the lint roller until she read that sheet. She said "Wow, they really know exactly what I'm going through and what I need right now".

I'm very impressed by this company. CaraKit has exactly what you need to send comfort and care in a box and you can be confident in sending the very best. I highly recommend this company."

Lisa, Sunland

"I am a woman undergoing chemo treatment for metastatic breast cancer. I recieved a Carakit as a gift, and it was the most wonderful, thoughful and uplifting gift. It contains so many wonderful things, such as comfy pajamas, spa socks, a floral decorated mug that says courage, wonderful tea, a national best seller book full of poems; Happy Thoughts and Widson for life, a great quality insulated steel water bottle, a beaded braclet with essential oils, an amethamethyst heart to remind you that you are loved, caramels, a whole variety of lotions and moisturisers and lip balms and even a cooling spray for radiation burns. Also a lovley fabric tote bag to carry it all in. Sadly, the pajamas didn't fit, so I called the company, they were extremely nice and accommodating, and are sending out pajamas in the correct size. You couldn't ask for better service. I highly recommend a Carakit as the most special gift you could give to somebody undergoing cancer treatment. "

Joan, Connecticut

"We got the CaraKit Radiation Luxe kit for our daughter in law. She loved the products and found them really helpful while going through radiation. She especially loved the shirt, the Kinfield Sunday Spray and the essential oil roller.

I would highly recommend these products for anyone going through this dreadful treatment. They do bring some level of comfort for this very uncomfortable process. It’s a wonderful gift and made us feel like we were helping, even in a small way, to get her through this horrible ordeal."

Cindy, Boston

"My friend received her CaraKit Radiance box and loves everything that you sent—it made her feel loved and special. She said the PJs are a perfect fit and every product in the box is such high quality. She found the book by Cleo Wade very insightful and the product instructions really helpful. She surrounded herself with all of the goodies on her bed and that's how her hubby found her. She said she finally felt heard and understood.

They are both so thankful for the thoughtful care package and I am, too. Thank you so much CaraKit!"

Debra, Los Angeles

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