Our partners are the heart and soul of all our kits. Read a little about their story and how they make our kits full of extra special gifts.


Blankets make amazing gifts for anyone in medical treatment. After trying out dozens during our own treatment, we felt like blanket connoisseurs—and always found ourselves reaching for Kashwere, with its unbelievable softness and durability. So when CaraKit was just getting started, Kashwere was the only blanket we wanted in our boxes.

As soon as we reached out, their enthusiasm and generosity made us love Kashwere even more. But it’s the blanket itself that first captured our hearts. Because it makes you feel good. It’s luxurious but not pretentious. It is, in our humble opinion, the perfect blanket. And we are proud to include it in our kits.

JJ Winks

We found these beautifully soft and luxurious tops during radiation treatment, when all our clothes felt rough and constraining. These incredibly stylish tops have bras built in but aren't athletic wear—they're comfortable loungewear that feels and looks good both at home and beyond.

The owners of JJwinks were already amazing supporters of women in cancer treatment, and we are proud to include these lush, dreamy tops in our kits.

Tom & Jenny's

When committing to a healthy lifestyle after cancer, one of the most difficult parts for us was cutting out sugar.

Then we found Tom & Jenny’s sugar free caramels, and they changed everything.

These are the best caramels we’ve ever tasted—soft and chewy but not sticky, offering a perfect dose of sweetness that’ll satisfy cravings without driving you to eat the whole bag. And everyone else we know with a sweet tooth loves these, too.

When we reached out, Tom & Jenny's was extremely supportive of our work and couldn’t wait to help women in treatment.


A beautifully cheeky Australian company has created these modern water bottles that will not only keep you hydrated, but also make you feel pretty damn cool.

And when you're in treatment and not feeling your best, we’ve found that a little cool can go a very long way.

Dr. John's

We learned of Dr. John's from our kids' dentist and have been fans ever since.

Though our initial focus was on treats that would promote healthier mouths, we’re now thrilled to be featuring these delicious sweets in our kits as a way to support healthier bodies overall.

In so many forms of treatment for cancer, for instance, our bodies lose moisture and crave replenishment. Hard candies can help produce extra saliva, and Dr. John's does this without the added guilt of a sugar overload.