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Why is it Called CaraKit?



embodies “what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone”




draws on the founder’s Italian heritage and denotes caregiving for oneself and loved ones




encompasses both the English and Italian definitions as well as meaning “friend” in Gaelic

How CaraKit Started?

Experience Is Key

Our Commitment

Because all of us at CaraKit have a personal stake in this fight, we’re extremely passionate about what we do. We’re also proud to stand behind our core values, which we consider our promise to you.  

First is our belief in doctors and modern medicine. All of our advice, and even some of the product suggestions for our boxes, have come from doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, nutritionists, and other health professionals. We love them, we trust them, we follow what they say—and it has helped us thrive.

Second is our commitment to product curation. We’ve hand-selected every item in our boxes based on recommendations from real women going through active treatment, or by trying them while in treatment ourselves. While not every product may work the same way for you, we encourage you to try them, to ask your doctors any questions, and to email us at if you’ve been through treatment and found a product you loved.

Third is our desire to acknowledge and mitigate the cost of our boxes. While we believe in the benefits of a comprehensive kit with high-quality products, we know that those products can be expensive. That’s why we offer group purchasing and installment plans. And we guarantee that every collection—packaged in our beautifully illustrated boxes with individual “how to” cards—is cheaper than buying and shipping each item separately.

Meet the Team