Healing Essentials: Chemo Care Package

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This is the kit we wish we’d received before or during chemotherapy: a medicine cabinet makeover. This women's chemo gift basket is a do-it-all mix of practical products to manage chemo side effects plus comforting extras to pamper her throughout cancer treatment as well. PJ colors may vary.  Sizes are always exchangable.

How CaraKit Cares 
We exchange and replace items at no cost.
Contact and 888-298-4645.
All kits contain direct support contact info.
Poppy & Pout
Lip Balm
Puriya Mother
of All Creams
Vitamin E Oil
Cancer Planner
One Spirit Lifestyle
Essential Oil
Epsom Salt
Tom & Jenny's
Sugar Free Caramels

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Our kits come in three sizes: Core (small), Essentials (medium), and Luxe (large). The key products needed to help increase at-home comfort during chemotherapy treatment can be found at each level but with more variety, quantity and luxury in each increased size.

We accept all major credit cards and most digital payment apps.  Klarna is our installment partner and allows for a quick purchase with monthly payments at a set amount.

We also encourage group purchasing - groups of family or friends may want to buy a Carakit for a loved one.  To facilitate this process, we suggest using the Google Pay app.  Here is a guide link to pay using multiple credit cards.

It is difficult to know exactly what will help someone going through a specialized medical treatment. For new patients, they also don't know what is needed for their first rounds of chemotherapy, radiation or a first surgery or recovery from a major medical incident.

CaraKit has gathered information from numerous women who have gone through each of these specific treatments and have created these kits from that experience.

Every item in a CaraKit has been used and loved by a woman going through the same treatment.