How It Works

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Choose from our 5 key kits. Recovery for post-surgery, Healing and Warrior for the side effects of chemotherapy, Radiance for radiation, and Nourishing for a kickstart to healthier eating.

Pick the Size

Our Luxe kits are gifts to the body, mind and spirit of a woman in treatment. Our Essentials kits focus mainly on the body with products that help manage physical side effects.

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We focus on easy purchasing with installment plans and encourage group purchasing. Gift buying is also easy, including the option to schedule your delivery or give a gift card.

Watch for Delivery

Once an order is placed, we get to work fulfilling it as quickly as possible, often within 24 to 48 hours. Ground shipping is included with every kit, but you can upgrade to 2-day or int’l too.

Our Perspective

Because we’ve been patients ourselves, medical challenges are nothing new. And although we can’t predict what will happen in any individual case, we do believe in the power of hope and the support of women who have survived and thrived. We also know that the bulk of these medical journeys take place not in doctor’s offices but at home, during long days and longer nights. So that’s what we focus on. Because a little luxury can bring a lot of joy, and it’s sometimes the smallest comforts that end up making the biggest difference. 

  • My friend received her CaraKit Radiance box and loves everything that you sent—it made her feel loved and special. She said the PJs are a perfect fit and every product in the box is such high quality. She found the book by Cleo Wade very insightful and the product instructions really helpful. She surrounded herself with all of the goodies on her bed and that's how her hubby found her. She said she finally felt heard and understood.

    They are both so thankful for the thoughtful care package and I am, too. Thank you so much CaraKit!

    Debra, Los Angeles