The Giving Shawl The Giving Shawl
The Giving Shawl $55.00
When you want to wrap your loved one in a big hug, consider the Giving Shawl with its creamy, soft texture that's warm but delicate to the touch.  Gift to a friend or loved one to let them know you're thinking about them and you care. Super-soft fabric 2 deep pockets to keep essentials nearby Comes in gift box Includes encouraging bookmark Each shawl is crafted from sumptuously soft fabric designed for soothing comfort and presented in a beautiful gift box. Two deep pockets let you keep your must-haves close by for comfy ease. This incredibly comfortable Giving Shawl includes a message of encouragement printed on a keepsake bookmark.
Post-Surgery Care Package - Post-Surgery Care Package -
Post-Surgery Care Package - "Core Recovery Kit" $95.00
Recovering from any major medical treatment is a challenge, especially a major surgery.  Our kits have products hand-selected by women who have been through it and tackle the major challenges of post-surgery including limited bathing options, mobility, and overall comfort.  This Core kit is our most economical gift but still hits all of the major post-surgery needs. What's In The Box: Sugar-Free Soft Caramels Shower Sheets Heart Stone Pajamas Spa Socks Reusable Ice Packs How CaraKit Cares and 888-298-4645
Chemo Care Package - Chemo Care Package -
Chemo Care Package - "Essential Healing Kit" $195.00
Most women have to redo their medicine cabinets when they go through chemo. You need certain items to help with side effects, and they all have to be 'chemo-friendly'. This is the kit we wish we’d received before chemotherapy: a medicine cabinet makeover full of everything you actually need during chemo. This women's chemo gift basket is a do-it-all mix of practical products to manage chemo side effects, plus a few luxurious extras to comfort & pamper her throughout cancer treatment.  All Products Are: Free of harsh-chemicals  Hand-selected by women who’ve been through chemo What's In The Box: Mother of All Creams – intense, plant-based moisturizer 2-Piece Pajamas – super-soft & luxurious Lip Balm  – all-natural & ultra-hydrating (one of Oprah's favorite things!) Cancer Journal – keep track of appointments & doctors’ notes Sugar-Free Soft Caramels – the perfect sugar-free treat Hydration Drops – packed with electrolytes, sugar-free Vitamin E Oil – 100% pure for healing patchy skin Epsom Salt – to calm nerves & promote healing Essential Oil Roller – for relaxation during chemo & at night  Bonuses: Instructions & tips for each item, written by women who’ve been through chemo Beautiful gift wrapping A hand-written note PJ colors may vary.  Sizes are always exchangeable. Want to pamper her even more? Checkout the Luxe Healing Kit   How CaraKit Cares  We exchange and replace items at no cost. Contact and 888-298-4645. All kits contain direct support contact info.
The Ultimate Radiation Care Package - The Ultimate Radiation Care Package -
The Ultimate Radiation Care Package - "Luxe Radiance Kit" $295.00
This radiation therapy gift kit meets all the radiation challenges we can think of head-on with moisturizers, calming sprays, and loose-fitting clothing to manage potential skin irritation and burns. This gift basket for women going through radiation also offers some lovely bonuses to provide comfort and emotional support, and to help keep spirits high throughout treatment. What's In The Box: Calendula Cream Aloe Vera Gel Waxelene Ointment Waxelene Lip Balm Pajamas Aloe Vera Spray Sugar-Free Soft Caramels Water Bottle Essential Oil Bracelet Essential Oils Tea & Mug Heart Stone Heart Talk by Cleo Wade Spa Socks Lip Balm Tote Bag How CaraKit Cares and 888-298-4645
One Spirit Lifestyle Button Down Pajamas One Spirit Lifestyle Button Down Pajamas
One Spirit Lifestyle Button Down Pajamas $55.00
Comfortable pajamas are everything for a woman in treatment. The classic pajama style that remains timeless--The One Spirit Long Sleeve Pajama Set--brings comfort with a fabric blend of modal and spandex, one that is buttery soft to the skin.  With a soft touch and a cozy-hug fit, women will receive the comfort they deserve. With the classic button-down design, it can be the go-to pajamas that you easily switch into the moment you're ready to hit the sheets. And with full buttons, getting on and off post-surgery or post-treatment is much easier than a pullover top.